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The Tips To Make Sure Your A/C Is Always In Perfect Condition

With the summer season fast approaching, air conditioners are an essential appliance in just about every household. Whether it is about buying and installing a new unit, or doing maintenance and repairs on installed units at home, there is work to do for every homeowner before summer officially starts. Below are some very useful tips to ensure that your air conditioner is properly working and capable of guarding you against the heat: 

Check the filter regularly – after the nice air conditioning installation one of the most important things you should routinely do as part of the maintenance is checking the filter. Filters get dirty over time as they accumulate grime and dust, and dirty filters bring down the overall efficiency of the conditioner. This is because the dirt is obstructing part of the filter, and as a result, to compensate for it, the air conditioner spends an extra amount of energy. Also, dirty filters are a health hazard, especially for individuals suffering from asthma and similar respiratory conditions. Dirty filters can be cleaned a few times, but you need to replace them every few months nonetheless.

  • Keep the air conditioner unobstructed – another good tip to make sure the air conditioner is fully working is to ensure that nothing is obstructing it. Keep the area around the conditioner clear – for example, if you have a ground unit, you might want to avoid keeping it in a corner next to plants or furniture, and instead have it in a more open space. If you have a wall unit, regular cleaning so as to avoid the building of cobwebs and the like should suffice.
    • Regular inspections – another important tip you should follow is to conduct regular inspections. If you are somewhat savvy with electrical appliances, you can do this by yourself, and call an electrician Mandurah to check your air conditioner before summer or every six months. When inspecting the unit, look at the access panels, the thermostat and other technicalities, and make sure they are properly functioning. If you notice any irregularities or damages, it would be best to not wait too long and call in a professional, as ignored issues can become bigger and costlier problems later on.
      • Cleaning – the filter is not the only component of your air conditioner that you can (and should) be cleaning. In fact, there are a number of components that benefit from regular cleaning, as the presence of dust and grime can easily reduce the efficiency of your unit. When cleaning, keep in mind to avoid using water, as you can not only damage the unit, but also electrically shock yourself.
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